SVA_October Challenge Winners_ Gothic Church

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SVA_October Challenge Winners_ Gothic Church

Post by nomeradona on Wed Mar 14, 2012 9:07 am

SVA Challenge Winner: Nunung Adiwijaya
Nunung Adiwijaya

SVA Admin Choice: Mendra Ha
Mendra Ha

SVA Most Liked - Rasty Bacalltos
Rasty Bacaltos

We would like to special mention the following completing the top 5

2nd Place: Zernan Suarez
Zernan Suarez

3rd Place: Eldy Tendero
Eldy Tendero

4th Place: Mendra Ha
Mendra Ha

5th Place: Satrio Hadi
Satrio Hadi

5th Place: Bucex Soekabumi
Bucex Soekabumi

We also asked AL Klagge, the modeler of this Gothic Cathedral to select a
Klagge's choice in honor of him. He choose this rendered image by
Mendra Ha. According to him, there are so many that are deserving, but
this one has impressed him for its imaginative rendition.

Al Klagges' Choice
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Re: SVA_October Challenge Winners_ Gothic Church

Post by zdesign on Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:39 pm

nicely done.

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