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What is Critique my Work Section Empty What is Critique my Work Section

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:31 am

Critique my work section is a place where you will receive constructive criticism called "critique"
where you can ask for honest opinion. It's different from the gallery section where basically celebrate achievements.

In this forum, I also would like to reiterate that critique here should not be similar with critiquing an artwork or movie where you describe,analyse, interpret and evaluate. Nor critiquing an article or paper. The context of CRITQUE here is providing insightful feedback (not just comment).

In this section we aim to give two types of feedback. WARM and COOL feedback. Warm feedback are feedback that you feel the thread starter is
achieving/making effort or developing. Cool feedback on the other hand are feedback were the main goal is to help the thread starter
to improve and how to improve it.

To the thread starter.

constructive comments is hard. It needs analyzing the scene and using prior knowledge and judgement. The feedback might be correct or not based on your opinion, but it does not matter. Remember that the opinion is based on how others sees it and we have different styles and choices. Everything is advice
only. It's up to the thread starter if they will accept or deny it. If no one is critiquing it be patient! Remember you are the one who is imploring feedback.

To the one giving critique.

Thank you for taking time and giving advise for the sole of helping others. "What you sow you shall reap". Kindly give both Warm and Cool Feedback, and when you give Cool feedback, don't just stop there. Provide a way/an advise/ a solution...


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