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Q and A: Jonald Magistrado Empty Q and A: Jonald Magistrado

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Q and A with Jonald Magistrado

Q and A: Jonald Magistrado Jonald

SketchUp-Vray- Artists was founded on March 2, 2011 by Arch. Jonald Magistrado. For more details about the history of SVA click HERE.

We requested an interview with our founder and here is the the Q and A with him. enjoy and be inspired.

SVR: Can you please tell us more about yourself. Tell us what is in your mind when you decided to form the SVA FB Group.

JM: The group really started to life when I got to answer a simple question on my FB message about SketchUp, then just got an idea why not
try to make a group on Facebook concerning all of my Sketchup colleagues on CGP Forum who are active on Facebook. I guess is the fastest way of communicating and chatting. First it was just four of us members or shall I call twin brothers. Then I told them we can share and posts
works here together while showing techniques and tips for the noobs; that was really the intention. Then came the idea to asks you, Nomeradona and other Sketchup Gurus to be the admins of the group and make it formal at least, because it just keep on growing that time with so many requests.

SVR: Did you expect that this group will grow and develop into a successful FB group? Please recall on what your initial feeling?

JM: Nope, I never ever thought that there were enormous people out there who would join the group. It's just we are already happy answering few questions and explaining with mini-tutorials while posting at the start.

SVR: How do you see this group in 10 years time? Any plans?

JM: I am no web designer/artist so I will leave the website to you Nomeradona. As far as it goes I'm already happy viewing posts of other members, seeing improvements of new members and of course, other artists posting such great renders and links. But sure I got plans of at least yearly EB's and other actvities but only if time permits.

SVR: What is your message to the new group members? to the old members? to the Admins?

JM. All I can say, for the newbies: thank you very for joining our group, just continue to see post, comments and practice. I know you'll love SketchUp even more. For the the oldies; I can tell that we have accomplished, learned, shared and laugh a lot. Though it is not in a material way that we are in touch with each other, I know we are all here because of our love for Sketchup and Vray; and I am happy for all of us. Q and A: Jonald Magistrado Blank
Thank you Nomeradona and SVA.

SVR: Well said Arch. Jonald Magistrado.. Thnak you also for your time!

View the MTM done by Arch. Jonald Magistrado HERE

Q and A: Jonald Magistrado Jonald


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