Q and A: Featured Visualizer; Bui Tuan Hung

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Q and A: Featured Visualizer; Bui Tuan Hung

Post by Admin on Tue Mar 27, 2012 7:34 pm

Bui Tuan Hung aka "BTH" or "tranganhp" is an accomplished Vietnamese Architect/Designer/Visualiser using Google SketchUp and Vray Sketchup.

Q. Please tell us a bit about BTH/Tranganhp.

A.My name is Tuan Hung Bui (Bui Tuan Hung), 33 years old, Vietnamese national and currently working in the field of design consultancy and

Q. How long have you been using SketchUp? Vray SketchUp?

A. I am using SketchUp for 4-5 years now, and using VraySketchup since its first version.

Q. Tell us more about your experience with SketchUp.

A. My impression with this software is its flexibility, intuitiveness and relatively easy to use. In my job’s nature, when an idea comes out,
using SketchUp will give me an edge to experiment in real time. I could easily improve the accuracy and the finish look of my models.

Q. Why it's your preferred 3d Software?

A. I understand there are many people who use different software in their work and satisfied with them. In my case, I'm satisfied with SketchUp and Vray; they are great combo tools.

Q. We know you are one of the best visualizer in the world who uses VraySketchup. How did you learn it?

A.I have focused in learning VraySketchUp with the hope of being able to visualize spaces and ideas in the most honest way. The difficulty in
perceiving design, especially in the initial stage, has led me to spend much time in experimenting and playing the different parameters of Vray
SketchUp. Being sensitive to changes of parametric entries in order to achieve the best result that I want, I was able to envisage clearly my
ideas. Producing visual image is not difficult, but to create images where viewers could experience realism is. I always strive to achieve such pursuit alongside with many.

Q. You are very generous in sharing your work, your file scenes to others. Tell us why you are doing this.

A. I often share the products that I created with the aim of helping others on how I have used the software, and be able to achieve the rendered image. I believe that such experience will help others and save time.

Q. Do you have any advice to those who are new in the field of visualization?

A. For beginners, try to learn and experiment as much as possible. Play the parameters and observe the changes by adjusting them. With that, you will be able to judge what needs to be changed in finishing your visual image based on your idea.

Q. Do you have any last word to our readers?
A. I hope everyone will try and share more, so that we can all achieve what we are hoping for.

Some of Bui Tuan Hung's Rendered Works


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Re: Q and A: Featured Visualizer; Bui Tuan Hung

Post by bren27 on Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:07 am

very nice


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